Advanced Computer Security

This material presents a deeper look at how security is handled in the corporate environment. An advanced course for network, computer and information security specialists that analyzes the various methodologies used to attack and defend networked systems. Topics covered include development of security policies, cryptography, access control mechanisms, vulnerability analysis, network intrusion, and security auditing.

Learning Objectives
  • Demonstrate knowledge of a core set of security tools
  • Demonstrate proper use of cryptographic systems to secure information in storage and transit
  • Use existing monitoring tools for intrusion detection
  • Demonstrate knowledge of tools analyzing intrusions
  • Demonstrate knowledge of system hardening processes and policies
  • Produce appropriate policies for a variety of security issues
  • Demonstrate knowledge of data access and control systems
  • Perform the basic steps of a security audit and vulnerability analysis
  • Demonstrate the ability to use appropriate tools to recover from an intrusion
  • Demonstrate the use of basic tools for cleaning systems
  • Plan disaster recovery policies and procedures

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