Linux Administration

This is an advanced course in system administration with a heavy focus on Linux. The course utilizes hands-on labs for topics such as software configuration and installation. Students will build and maintain a small network of virtualized Linux servers from the ground up employing best practices for all aspects of backups, disaster recovery, planning, testing and troubleshooting. Students will read, utilize, and produce technical documentation.

Learning Objectives
  • Utilize virtualization and container technology such as Docker
  • Knowledge of virtualization, and virtualization best practices
  • Experience with storage and backup systems
  • Knowledge of app stacks, such as LAMP
  • Demonstrate knowledge of system hardening processes and policies
  • Create and maintain users and passwords
  • Using different Linux operating systems including booting into different run levels, starting and stopping processes and controlling services
  • Deploy, configure and maintain a system
  • Do software installations, updates and maintenance
  • Manage basic security including firewalls and system hardening
  • Read, utilize and produce technical documentation

An example of a Syllabus can be found Here

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