Introduction to Data

This is an introductory course in data literacy and databases. The course includes aspects of database design including entity relationship modeling, tables, and queries. Students will utilize database applications and Structured Query Language (SQL). Data science including data collection, modeling, and visualization will be discussed. Best practices for data security and privacy in regards to current regulations around the world will be emphasized in this course.

Learning Objectives
  • Classify a diverse variety of data and construct usable data models
  • Identify and apply industry best practices
  • Demonstrate how to effectively use data within your job/industry
  • Articulate how to collect and handle data
  • Visualize and present data in ways that are easy to communicate with others
  • Write efficient SQL statements
  • Practice and implement database modeling and design
  • Utilize and implement industry best practices for security and data standards

An example of a Syllabus can be found Here

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