Alias, history, _bash, prompt

Learning outcomes:

  • Show how to use alias to substitute for a command string
  • Describe the _bash files and their uses
  • Show how to modify the user prompt

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  • Alias
    • Shortcut or synonym for frequently used commands
    • Easy way to use complex command structures (lots of switches, pipes etc.)
    • To create an alias use
      to delete
    • To make permanent add alias to .bashrc DANGER HERE easy to mess up the .bashrc file use caution
  • Hidden bash config files
    • Use the switch -a to see them,
      ls -a
      shows hidden files
    • Also referred to as Bash Initialization files
    • .bash_profile
      • Runs on log in
      • Used to set paths
      • Changes you want to happen at log in
    • .bash-history Records all commands used
  • Prompts
  • Potentially useful prompts

Suggested Activities and Discussion Topics:

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