Learning outcomes:

  • Explain the concepts of trust and trustworthiness
  • Describe important ethical issues in computer security
  • Discuss ethical issues in regards to bug handling, bug disclosure, breach disclosure and data exfiltration
  • Discuss compliance in relation to state and federal data handling

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Suggested Activities and Discussion Topics:

  • Write a paper following the instructions on this PDF
  • The following are some discussion topic ideas on ethics:
    • Is it ever ok to pirate content(Movies, games, software etc.) Does it matter if the content is no longer available? Not available in your current location? Priced in such a way that it's not affordable for anyone besides a large corporation?
    • Is information on a company device considered private? What about accounts logged in to that device? What about if you are required to have a mobile device for the company, but they aren't willing to pay for one? What if they are willing to pay for one but you can't afford your own secondary device
    • When should your data belong to you? What if the data is collected in such a way you couldn't do it on your own (medical imaging or expensive equipment required type of thing)
    • Should companies be able to see your credit score? What about require your login for social networking sites? Does your answer change if it's different jobs or companies? Government jobs or contractors? Jobs that affect all members of society such as teachers, police officers or social workers?

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