Introduction to Security and Information Assurance

Learning outcomes

  • Be able to understand and explain the basic CIA principles
  • Explain and implement basic safe handling of information including data transfer
  • Assess value of data sets and the risks involved with them
  • Explain authentication, two-factor authentication and access control.

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Suggested Activities and Discussion Topics:

  • This activity is going to be checking to see if you have potentially compromised accounts. Go to and see if you are listed under any or all of your accounts. If you are, take the steps recommended to fix and security your accounts.
  • Download this PDF and setup the two virtual machines. Both Mint and Kali Linux are useful for information security work, Linux can have a steep learning curve so it's important to get comfortable with it sooner rather then later. This course won't be going to far into it, but it's good to have some familiarity.
  • Try out this phishing test online for free and see what your score is. Can you correctly identify all the phishing emails?

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